Algae Stain Removal

Algae stains on roofs in our area are very prevalent. In our area humidity plays a large part on how it affects our roofs. Due to the high humidity and tree shaded areas on roofs it makes for a perfect storm for algae growth. Not only do algae stains cause an eye sore on a once beautiful roof it also welcomes a film on the roof that becomes slick and treacherous to walk on or to perform any repairs on. Safely removing algae stains from the shingles will give the roof a newer more attractive appearance which helps your homes curb appeal and offers a safer footing for any workers that need to access to the roof for any maintenance items. Please keep in mind that algae spores will present itself again in the future and will continue to need reapplications just as any exterior surface would. Since professionalism and safety are our top priorities we will consider all roof algae cleaning jobs independently and only accept the work if we feel we can offer both of these aspects for your roof.

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